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What's New Archive 2008

26 November 2008
Updated email address:
Wayne Stanyer and Russ Meades  Click here.
24 November 2008 Sad passing of Ex CSgt Stan Dunn.  Click here for funeral details. 
23 November 2008
Added newer higer resolution pictures of the Colors on the main index page.
ail list now up to 940 from details submitted:
William Pearce, Anthony Tytler, Steve Gidley and Pat Glover Click here
Updated email address:
Les Buchanan, Ian McDermid, Ian Baker and Robert Singleton  Click here.
Updated phone contact numbers for Patrick O'Donnell. Click here.
New Then and Now page for Baz Thompson Click here. Denis Bradford Click here. and  Gary Cross photo update Click here.
9 November 2008
Email list now up to 936 from details submitted:
James Callcutt, Paul Senior, Dave Porter, John Kalinowski, Wayne Stanyer, Robert White, Keith Woosnam, Derek Margison, Michael Holloway, Patrick O'Donnell, JC Richardson, John Tarry, Edwin Matthews, Michael Hayworth and Dave Stemp Click here
Updated email address:
Tony Browne, Roland Joy, Derek Sprenger, Carl Newton, David Smith, Melvyn Powell and Franklin Stanley  Click here.
27 September 2008
Email list now up to 922 from details submitted:
Mervyn Browne  Click here
20 September 2008
Email list now up to 921 from details submitted:
Paul Hosking, Graham Webb, Jon Trounson and Bruce Harris  Click here
Updated email address:
Daniel Harper, Dave Plant and Tony Martin  Click here.
News Item - Farmersboys (DERR) Golf Society Click here.
25 August 2008
Email list now up to 916 from details submitted:
John Taylor, Tony Roller, Norman Farley, Michael Hopkins and Leslie Jessemey  Click here
Updated email address:
Tony Bridges, Mark Newman, David Baker, Tim Gainford and Tony Page  Click here.
SPONSORSHIP - We need a sponsor for this year at the Hungerford Reunion a few guys approached Boris and said they would be interest - if you are please contact Boris Alden. Click here.
5 August 2008
Email list now up to 912 from details submitted:
Mark "Alf" Gurnett, John Mills, Michael Hopkins and Steve Hunt  Click here
Updated email address:
Brian "Johno" Johnson and Kevin Flay  Click here.
29 July 2008 Update the server is running normally again now the site is running as you can see and users emails are now running again.

Emails are set up for the following:

Name User Name Email Alias Password
Bill Davies bdavies bill.davies Regimental Number
Bill Willoughby bwilloughby  bill.willoughby  Regimental Number
Chris Cowley ccowley chris.cowley  Regimental Number
David Smith dsmith  david.smith  Regimental Number
David Wiggins  dwiggins david.wiggins  Regimental Number
Ian Missenden  imissenden ian.missenden  Regimental Number
Jim Waterfall  jwaterfall  jim.waterfall  Regimental Number
John Goodwin jgoodwin john.goodwin  Regimental Number
John Kordowski jkordowski john.kordowski  Regimental Number
Martin Day  mday  Regimental Number
Michael Jackson  mjackson  michael.jackson  Regimental Number
Neil Keenan  nkeenan neil.keenan  Regimental Number
Pete Mallinson pmallinson   pete.mallinson Regimental Number
Pete Taylor ptaylor  pete.taylor  Regimental Number
Ray Bowler  rbowler  ray.bowler  Regimental Number
Robert Radford  rradford  robert.radford  Regimental Number
Toby North  tnorth  toby.north  Regimental Number

If anyone experiences any difficulties with the site what so ever please let Boris know as soon as possible you can always contact me on 07747 845 783.

20 July 2008
Email list now up to 908 from details submitted:
Craig Fisher, Kenneth Hyde, Dennis Croombe, Philip Sheperd, Derek Radband, Frank Collins and Richard Howman  Click here
Updated email address:
Michael Smith, Steve Harris, Phillip Sims, Gary Hunter and Mark Overson  Click here.
Remember to check out the new message board it's interactive Click here.
New Then and Now page for Chris Alford Click here. and one for Mike Kemish Click here
Added reunion for Heart of England Branch Click here.
News Item - Oldest Hippy spotted Click here.
Added letters for the 50th Anniversary Click here.
15 June 2008
Pictures up for this years Hungerford reunion Click here.
Band reunion updated it is in 2009 - thanks Tuba Bob.  Click here.
Email list now up to 900 from details submitted:
Frank Collins, Colin Wilson, John Tristram and Philip Shepherd  Click here
Updated email address:
John Goodwin and Neil Keenan  Click here.
24 May 2008
Email list now up to 896 from details submitted:
Martin Powell, Tim Seaward, Michael Kemish and Trevor Allen  Click here
Updated email address:
Carl Newton  Click here.
Reunions updated for West Wiltshire function in October Click here.
Employment Job added Scrap Metal Operative Click here.
IMPORTANT NEW interactive message board added please post your messages here. The four latest messages have been posted by the webmaster.  This feature is currently free and contains some adverts, later we may pay and run this without any advertisments.
New messages form Colin Platten check the board Click here.
New message Dennis Watts dining out Belfast Click here.
New message form Les Buchanan Click here.
New Message from Stephen Davis Click here.
New Page for 50th Anniversary Celebrations Click here.
Regimental Association AGM changes to venue and dates. Click here.
11 May 2008
Email list now up to 892 from details submitted:
Michael Jackson, Geoff Hobbs, Darren Farrow, Miguel Navarro and Terry Kirtland  Click here
Updated email address:
David Hawkins, John Hutter, Terry Gerrish and Kevin "Ginge" Brown  Click here.
Farmersboys Golf Meeting 12/13 June 08 Click here.
New Then and Now page for Ike Newton Click here.
13 March 2008
Sad News Death of a Farmersboy - Pte Michael Morgan. Funeral Thurs 17th March.  Click here
Farmersboys meet in Malta Click here.
ail list now up to 887 from details submitted:
Mark Ridley, Josese Ravu, Alan Wells, Aaron Porter, Paul Rawlings, Michael Cassin, Les Buchanan, Patrick Hill and Anthony Smith Click here
Updated email address:
Richard Atkins, Dougie Lane, John Marsh, Keith Smith, Nick Shuttleworth, Steven Ross MC, Richard Petherick, Robert (Twiggy) Heal and Mark Bishop  Click here.
Farmersboys meet in Malta Click here.
New page for details of October Malta Reunion Click here.
29 February 2008 Added all reunion dates and proforma as per Regimental Association Newsletter 2008.  Click here.
Email list now up to 876 from details submitted:
Kennedy Patman, Ronald Gunter, Jim Leighfield, Adrian Scrivens, Francis Morag, Martin Fabian, Tom Decarteret, George Smith, Hubert Wright, Gerry Bartlett, Steve Traveller, David Jarrett and Mike Morgan Click here
Updated email address:
Dave White, Rob Singleton, John Nightingale, Steve Mellers, Chris Chappell, Harry Angier, Richard Keegan and Paul Holland  Click here.
Updated Book of Remembrance entry for CSgt Bourton Click here.
Remember the Ladies Dinner Night this April in Hermitage
22 January 2008 Added Reunion dates for St George's Ladies Dinner Night April 2008 and Dukes Social Hungerford in  June 2008 Click here
20 January 2008
Email list now up to 864 from details submitted:
Michael Owens, David Barnard and Richard Silsby Click here

Awaiting sponsor for this year
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