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Regimental Marches

Please note dependant on your connection speed these should be replayed once down loaded. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's

The Farmers Boy  0.41 mins * (Duke of Edinburgh's Quick March)

The Farmers Boy.mp3 * (Duke of Edinburgh's Quick March)

The Farmers Boy.mp3 ** (Duke of Edinburgh's Quick March)

Auld Robin Grey mp3 ** (Duke of Edinburgh's Slow March)

Rule Britannia mp3 ** (Duke of Edinburgh's March Off)

The Royal Berkshires

Dashing White Sergeant  0.40 mins * (Royal Berkshires Quick March)

Dashing White Sergeant.mp3 ** (Royal Berkshires Quick March)

The Wiltshires

The Vly  0.49 mins * (The Wiltshires Quick March)

The Vly.mp3 ** (The Wiltshires Quick March)

Auld Robin Grey mp3 ** (The Wiltshires (99th) Slow March)


Army of the Nile.mp3 ** (RGBW Current Quick March)

Sphinx and Dragon.mp3 ** (RGBW Original Quick March)

Scipio.mp3 ** (RGBW Slow March)


Kynegad Slashers.mp3 ** (Glosters Quick March)

28th 61st.mp3 ** (Glosters Slow March)

The Young May Moon.mp3 ** (Favorite march of the 28th Foot)

Royal Canadian Regiment

RCR March.mp3 ** (RCR Quick March)

Misc  Military Music

Rule Britannia 0.46 mins *

Rule Britannia mp3 **

Old Comrades.mp3 **

Standard of St George.mp3 **

The Great Little Army.mp3 **

The Brandywine Quick Step.mp3 ***

* The above marches are performed by the Regimental Band and Corps of Drums, 
1st Battalion The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire).  Recorded in 1991.
** The above music and marches are performed by the Volunteer Band of 
The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire regiment  Recorded circa 2001.
*** Kindly sent by Randolph Cabell - Boyce, Virginia USA

British Bugle Calls

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Songs and Poems

The Farmer's Boy

The Farmer's Boy - Long Version

The Farmer's Boy - Second Long Version

The Vly

The Dashing White Sergeant

Maiwand - The Last Eleven

Tofrek - The Ballad of the Berkshire Regiment

The Last Berkshire Eleven - William McGonagall


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