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Farmersboys Email Accounts - 5.00 per year.

Webmail Click here to check yours

As people now owe monies for their email accounts I have setup a subscription through PayPal you can pay using your Bank or Credit Card and no PayPal membership is required.

Mail Server Settings  and Dialup Pay as you go numbers and information

Web mail now available - just login from anywhere and use your Farmersboys email....  This is a new facility setup for our users, so come signup and support your website.  Click here for more information and instructions...............

It's difficult remembering yours friends email address now with a Farmersboys Mail address it's simple as our naming convention is , so no matter where you are in the world you can get online and mail your old mates.

Your email address will then be dependant if there are any names the same, "Smiths" will have to be quick.

You will be able to manage this account by going to your admin page which will be at here you can set email forwarding up, set a vacation message and change your password.

When you pay please state please email the following information:

1.  Who will you be using to access the Internet if you wish to use us as the ISP on a pay as you go basis that's fine.  Should you be dialing up with an account like btsurftime or such like then we need the ISP name so that when you send your mails out our mail server will accept these messages.  If you want to use us as your ISP then there is an Internet Connection Wizard below you can install.

2.  Your full name : First name and Last name.   Should your user name be already taken the Webmaster will assign a different username.

3.  Your password will initially be your Army Number, then on the email address page your mail address will just list your Farmersboys  Username then you will not receive spams generated by web bots.



Awaiting sponsor for this year
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