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Colour Sergeant Bourton

 CSgt Bourton          Grave CSGT Bourton - Click to enlarge   

C/Sgt H J  BOURTON came to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment from the Wiltshire Regiment having joined the Regiment in 1947 He was a good sportsman representing both his Companies and the Battalion. He was the Battalion goalkeeper for many years Whilst in the 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment he served in ‘D’ Coy and Support Company. He was member of ‘S’ Company’s shooting team. He brought his sporting skills to the battalion.

CSgt Bourton was watching a football match at a neighbours house when he went home and told his wife he thought he had indigestion, after laying down for awhile he did not get any better , so Mrs Bouton went over the road to Tidworth Hospital to see the MO, an ambulance or car was sent over for him and he was taken into theatre where he died at 12.02 on the 6th June 1962.

He was buried with honours at Tidworth Military Cemetery.



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