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My name is Stephen Davis (Choggie) I served in the dukes in the 80, s then transferred to 1 WFR shortly after amalgamation would like to get in touch with old friends and have a chat about the good old days.
would very much like to know if anyone has any info on Bino,s?

25 May 2008

Looking for the lads of B coy I DERR Malta/Med 1962/66 I am Les Buchanan Support Platoon.

25 May 2008

Hi There,
I'm Den's (Dennis Watts ) oldest daughter Veronica, I am after a favour, Dad is leaving the TA Belfast after joining them when he left the D.E.R.R, I have been asked if I can get some old stories when dad was in the MT A-coy ( i think that was his company), do you know of anyone who may have some stories on my Dad, I know he got he's name as Dirty Den for a reason, but if you have anything else on him I would appreciate you forward it on to me. He is dinning out on the 6th June, also would you have any old photos of him, I have looked at home but had no joy.
I hope you will be able to help me in this matter.
Thank you
Veronica Douglas ( nee Watts)
If you know anyone who would like to join him on that night (6th June) please let me know so i can make some would be lovely to surprise him. He is aware of his dinning out but all this is a surprise.

25 May 2008

To whom ever remembers Colin Platten (general) still living in Reading , And in the process of owning a pub in Reading any one fancies coming down for a beer send me an email (please don't let my cousin Dean Platten know)

25 May 2008

Ike Newton - I was a serving member of 1DERR and a proud "Farmers Boy". 1979-84/5 I am currently the Sgt-in-arm of the Royal Canadian Legion Canol Branch # 287.(and their webmaster)
And a active member/instructor for the local cadet force If you are interested here is our web link 

30 December 2007



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