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Message Board 2001 Archive

Any Ex Dukes who served from 1983 - 1994 with B Coy, C Coy, HQ Coy & COP.
The era of Tonka Worrall, Neill Pavitt, Darren Morse, Mick Rowe, Chris Rickard, Des Desborough, Pete Lealman, Steve Adelantado, Paul Money, Charlie Tindill, Tomo Thomas (welsh lad), Davies 86, Lenny Leonard, John Stevens, Dave Fear, Bobby Lynch, Noddy Holder, Noddy Leivers, Joe South etc etc
Anyone who can remember Kim Foy (ex Signal Platoon 1 DERR), Trigger Rogers (ex CQMS C Coy 1 RGBW) and have their contact details please get in touch.

23 December 01

Steve Shaw

Trying to locate Dave Telfer, Dave McGuire and Alec Kirkland, for a beer.

08 December 01

Dez South

Hi to all my muckers from the band, particularly Bob Fin, Steve Protheroe, Dai Bod, Luke, Ellie, Gary and Tom (not forgetting John James Augustus Bartholomew Elliman).

11 November 01

Christopher Jones

Greetings all - I am currently serving in the Winchwster area.  For anyone looking for a second career in the Army or out no longer than 6 yrs please contact me...

11 November 01

Paul Brightman

Looking for Stuart Turner 6PL BCoy 89-91, then Mor PL Catterick 91-94.

05 November 01

Dave Baker

Would like to hear from any Band members or anyone else who knows me ! 

30 October 01

Dave Marshall

Looking for anyone who can remember me.....

28 October 01

"Lenny" Leonard

Gary Wright B Coy and C/Sp Coy 1 DERR 88-96 ! am now a SSgt in the SASC serving in Strensall and would be glad to here from anyone who knows me.

28 October 01

Gary Wright

Anyone who remembers me please get in touch.

28 October 01

Steve Frost

Would like to meet up with old friends from the Unit.

28 October 01

Mark Wheeler

Bob is looking to get in touch with Steve Oxley and Phil Rolf.

25 August 01

Bob Beattie

I'm looking for the following persons, Kevin Powell and Micky Hayworth, if you know where they are please let me know.

04 August 01

Paul Fennell

I'd be interested in getting in touch with anyone who knows me.

25 July 01

Paul Wright

Looking forward to getting in contact with others now I have email facilities.  Due out this year.

20 July 01

Ray Bowler

CQ CQ CQ, All Farmers Boys into Amateur Radio, please contact Smujjer, G0TCZ, with a view to perhaps arranging scheds on 40 or 20 meters, B Class and Novice Licensees please contact with a view perhaps to setting up a Farmers Boys Amateur Radio Society.

04 July 01

Mick (Smujjer) Smith

Does anyone know where "Snowy" Cox or Lenny Granger are ?  Please inform Boris

24 June 01

Boris Alden

Trying to make contact with Mark Redding and Gary Mills.

23 June 01

Stephen East

Looking for Martin Powell (MM).  He was in Anti-Tanks 1973 onwards, awarded MM in 1974.

23 June 01

Mick (Smujjer) Smith

Hello to all the Farmersboys, hope life is treating you all well.  Best wishes from Chalkie + Sharon White.  See you all on posting to UK, still serving with 1 CHESHIRE, in Cyprus.

10 June 01

Nigel (Chalkie) White

I am looking for Trevor (Joana) Jones who was in my brick in Ireland 1978 and in D Coy in Osnabruck anyone know where he is now please get in touch.  Cheers.

01 June 01

Dez South

I wonder if anyone knows the where abouts of Paul Rich (Richie).  He served at the Boat Club in Hong Kong then moved to the QM's in Catterick 1990.

29 May 01

Barry Hingston

If any body knows the whereabouts of old faces from A Co ex- Minden Catterick, Berlin etc such as Jeff Perrin - Jock Pete - Pete Shead - Chris Lawrence - Les Watts - Greg Davis - Bill Lawrence or anybody from those far off days please send info to the message board or to me.

15 May 01

Michael Donahue

Excellent job Boris....

15 May 01

Steve Adelantado

There is a messenger service provided by MSN which allows you to chat and trade insults in real time, it will tell you who is logged in at the time, and provide you with simple instructions on how to use it. It is so simple even ex mortar platoon members can use it (hopefully!!).  It's fast and easy to sign up, and it's free! If you don't already have the software, just click here to go to the MSN Messenger Service web site to get more information and to install it, once installed hopefully we might get a network of Ex Dukes that can provide real time deep informative discussion, and if that doesn't work just trade insults like the good old days

02 May 01

Jim Parsons

Guys I bumped into Mick Rowe in Long Eaton today.  He seems to be finding the
adjustment to civvy street a bit hard, like a lot of us.  I know it would be a big boost to him if there was anyone out there that knew him could give him a call 07890368457.  He is living in Derby at the moment, just round the corner from Paul Bryant [MIDNIGHT].  If you have any problems with the number, send me a e-mail and I will make sure he gets it

01 May 01

Pete Everley

I am looking for any lads from B Coy, 5 Pl from 1983 to 1988 who would like to get together for a beer.

Mick (Smujjer) Smith

Does anyone know what happened to Gary ' kepi ' Wright. We lost touch about 5 years ago. 22 April 2001

Gary King

I am looking for any ex - DERR who served as a PSI with Mor Pl, 1 Wessex. The likes of Chippy Carpenter, Jock Sampson, Tim Hoare etc.  If you know where they please contact me. 09 April 2001

David Rogers

Ever thought of passing your military knowledge on to the youth of the County who are in the ACF.   We currently have 12 Farmer's Boys as Officers/Adult Instructors.   It is not everyone's cup of tea but if anyone is interested either e-mail me  or phone the Cadet Executive Officer or the County QM, Dave Fielding on 01380 724114. 08 April 2001

Michael Cornwell

All my mates from 89-97, mates B Coy and C Coy.  Tim Ash, Flower (Ian Booth), Tony Brewer, Duncan Banks, Bri Caswell, Dave Evans.  Ty Baines, Bicks, Kenny Price, Etc.. Hope you are all doing Well.  Drop us a line.  Well up for few beers and a chinwag!!

28 March 01

Sam Baker

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Graham Giddy, transferred from the Battalion in Osnabruck to the army prison service at Colchester Military Nick lost contact with him.

25 Mar 01

Kiki Ball

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ex LCpl Ashley Tofte, please email me.

18 March 01

Lee Chappell

Trying to locate Andy Sivyer and Noddy Holder.

12 March 01

Nigel Smith

Les Turaga is trying to get in touch with John Hickey, they served together  in Malta 1961/62 anyone who can help please inform the webmaster

08 March 01


Trying to track down Mark Reese x D Coy, Recce 1985-1990.  Last known whereabouts Australia 1991/2.  I would be grateful for any details.

28 February 01

Andrew Pearson

Anne Lewis is the daughter of Lofty Backhouse, she was 15 years old when he passed away in 1985.  She is looking for anyone who may have known him. 

26 February 01

Anne Lewis

I am trying to locate an address for Pete Maynard. I last heard from him in the early 90's, he was then a Prison Officer in New Zealand, and having a great time sampling the delights of NZ, I would love to hear from him again.

23 February 01

Dennis Moloney

If any one knows what ever happened to Alan Kenway, or were he is now I would be very grateful to get in touch him.

21 February 01

John Kordowski

Looking for anyone from B Coy late 70's early 80's in Warminster and Osnabruck.

18 February 01

Steve Hall

I miss everything about the Army & the Regiment, leaving was the saddest day of my life.

17 February 01

Pete Everley

Looking for all or any members of the Milan platoon from 1986 to 1991.  It will be good to hear from you again.  P.S. I know where Sid is and we often get together to talk over old times.  Hope to hear from you "Barty"

10 February 2001

Derek "Barty" Bartholomew

I would like to contact ex 9 Pln. 71-73 and Signals 73-78.

10 February 2001

Peter Tuckwell

Trying to contact any ex band members from 1972 onwards or if you wish to contact any of the following:- Frank Burton, Adi Rugman Rod, Major Graham Jones and of course myself Mike (Milky) Owen.

08 February 2001

Michael (Milky) Owen

I am trying to find the members of mortar platoon during the NI / Hong Kong tours, namley Michael (Stace) Stacey, Digger Gardener, A to Z Dobroczynski, John Mansell, CSM Gill, Capt Max Lister and the Angliss brothers. Also if any one who knows were the gym staff in HK are i.e. Tony Dyer, Harry Harris, Dave Maynard, Andy (Knacker) Nash, Charlie Tindell, Paul (Midnight) Bryant. could you e-mail me

07 February 2001

Chris Lee
I would like to contact ex 9 Pl. 71-73 and Signals 73-78

07 February 2001

Peter Tuckwell

My name is Lee Goddard (son of Peter Goddard), I was wondering if any of the ex-Dukes kids remember me, specifically my old friends from Hong Kong '89-'91.  If any of you get to read this you can e-mail me, and we can organize a get together.  If you know of anyone who served in Hong Kong at that time and know the children that were out there, they will be about 22 now, please get in contact.

29 January 2001

Lee Goddard

Living and working in the Reading area send me a mail.

13 January 2001

Allan McIntyre

Looking for anyone who served in A Coy in Minden, Catterick or Belize.

13 January 2001

David England

Anyone who was in Shoeburyness, Cyprus & Warminster 1972 - 1981 please contact me.

04 January 2001

Kev Day

Looking for any ex drummers who served between 1961 - 1971. If any drums are out there who served under the command of Drum Major Fred Ford or Sid Cooper please get in touch.  Initially I can be contacted on my 24 hour call out No: 07785 950 521 which will track me down then we can take it from there.

24 December 2000

David Smith

Jon Wort (Major)
Collector of cap badges and regimental histories.  Happy to swap duplicate items.

22 December 2000

Jon Wort

Does anyone know the where abouts of Dave Brooks who left 1 DERR on phase 2 redundancies

22 December 2000

Steve Harris

D Coy Clerk 1973 - 1976
Looking for anyone in D Coy between those years,
Mortars, Anti-Tanks, Coy HQ. 

21 December 2000

Mick (Smujjer) Smith



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