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I know its been a while but I'm still alive and kicking. Can anyone help me to get in touch with Tony or Teresa Fisher. 01 October 2004

Best wishes to all Ranks and may each get that right elbow parallel to the ground ! 
From Harrington-Jones....(Downunder !!! )
01 October 2004

Paul Brightman is off to the Middle East for 2 years and may not be able to get back for the reunion in June though I may just get lucky. I can get back twice a year. For those of you I keep in touch with Geordie Cowley, Jim Parsons, Terry Dollimore etc... I can be reached on email: ..... now it's time for a sun tan! 

Later everyone Plug!

01 October 2004

Hello to you all out there if anybody remembers me please get in touch Bob Keeton 1971to 1976 take care all..... 01 October 2004

John "Kellogs" Kiely is arranging a get together at Wetherspoons in Canterbury Burgate on Saturday 11th Sep at 8pm (2000hrs).  Anyone living in the area should pop along for a drink and a chat.  He is hoping to make arrangements for a group trip to Hungerford for next year. 04 September 2004

Webmaster here I recently lost all mail going to my email address and I am now using a new address to cut down on the spam. Anyone who has emailed me in the last month and not had a reply please mail again.  In particular I received an email from Mark Evans, drop me a line Mark or call 07747 845 783.  Many thanks Boris Alden (Webmaster). 01 August 2004

Just found the website and wondering who remembers me...  Bill Wagstaff, D Coy Clerk, A Coy Rifleman, MT Clerk.  Canada, Malta, Libyia, Sardinia, Cyprus and Minden.  Now living in Australia.  Does anyone know what happened to Melvyn Poiter?  Was D Coy Armskoteman at Tidworth and later HQ Coy, MT in Malta.  Last seen in Minden in 1966.  Last known to be living in Swindon Wiltshire.  Anyone who knows him please pass on my email address. 12 July 2004

Marc "Drummy" Drummond here, 3 Platoon A Coy 1986 - 1990.  Where is everybody?  Since my last message last year I've managed to contact daz Middleton, Stockers and Dave Collins I'm hoping to contact others from A Coy or any who worked and socialised with me.  Although I've put on a few pounds since then and grown a few grey hairs (Something to do with my 4 kids I think) I still remember the hours in a water filled trench on the border in Ireland and the long hard nights partying in Wan Cai!!!  Some of the video I have from back then makes my kids laugh.  If any of this brings back memories for you get in touch.  I'm only an email away! Talk to you soon Drummy. 26 May 2004

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Darren (Vinnie) Vincent Catering Corps Hong Kong 88 - 90 or Mark (Ginge) Gardner HQ Coy please get in touch. 26 May 2004

Greetings from "IRAQ", from a few Ex DERR members, Terry Dollimore, Nik Leeson, Thomo Thompson (Ex Cpl Rifle Company) and Daz Coney, we're all out here with different groups but we are intending to have a get together shortly, by kind permission of Saddam and his most excellant and deep swimming pool and the pool party's that he kindly laid on for everyone here in the CPA.

Running fast and keeping low, Terry, Nik, Thomo and Daz.

12 May 2004

I have been trying all ways to contact the regiment (particularly Wiltshires) via the internet etc.I gave up and resorted to royal mail to the address at the Wardrobe.However not having heard anything from anybody I was about to call it a day when thru` my letter box came the annual newsletter,so I`ve not been totally forgotten.  I served at various timed with all three regiments but regard myself as Wiltshire foremost.  My name is Stan (Chunky) Dunn and I would dearly love to contact some of my old friends,particulary the Signal Pl from`48 to about 62 (including DERR)  
Regards S.E.Dunn
P.S.Quite a few names "in memoriam 2003" worried me quite a bit.Particularly "Frenchy Lequelenec" and of course "Hap"Faraday!(incl DERR)
07 May 2004


If anyone out remembers my Dad, Len (Paddy) Wheatley, can you please contact me.  He served from '58 to '66, C Company DERR.  he was stationed in Cyprus and in Malta for the last two years of his service.  Hope to hear from you.  Thanks Peter 17 April 2004

G'day, I have just been browsing the net and looked up Royal Berkshire Regiment as I do from time to time and was more than a little surprised to see the unidentified ‘poser’ in front of the champ.  I am the ‘poser’ the photo was taken in 1958 in front of Deftra Police Station. My name is Keith Woosnam. I was at the time Pte Woosnam 1 R Berks later 1DERR, my platoon commander was one Lt Crabtree whom I understand has had quite a successful career in the army.  I have many fond memories of Cyprus and of my service with regiment of which I am inordinatly proud.  I have lived in Australia for the last 35 years.  Now that you are able to identify the soldier in front of the champ perhaps an adjective other than ‘poser’ might be appropriate, though come to think about it, its a fairly accurate description.  How did you know the soldier was 1R Berks ?   Regards  Keith Woosnam
NOTE FROM 'Mac' The Website Historian.
Keith contacted us from Australia after seing his picture on the R/Berks Cyprus (2) page on the History site. Up until that point it was unidentified and I the 'Wordsmith' had described the lounging soldier as 'The poser' hence Keiths response. The outrageous slur on Keith's Character has now been removed and his correct details have been inserted, which supposedly means in Australia he can now walk around with his head held high.
28 March 2004

Here 23868882 Sgt Les Deacon late of 1st Bn.Royal Sussex Regt./ 3 Queens Rgt 1961 - 1973.  A really well organized and informative site. Well done !  The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment --- a really fine regiment, I always got the feeling in the 60`s that we were following each other around (we were in Malta, Libya, Germany and many other places, posted together. My regiment was sadly "erased" by the MOD.  All the more reason to make you aware of a mistake on your otherwise brilliant site.You have forgotten the ROYAL in 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment (worth at least 10 days RP`s when I was serving).  Keep it moving and keep smiling
Take peaceful care
21 March 2004
Going back a bit boys, does anyone know the whereabouts or what has happened to Bob Hyde, Bob was in A Coy in Malta 1963-65, He then went to Minden, still in A Coy, one of his duties was to run the Coy Club, in event of any problems, Bob was known to employ a track pin, He was known as "Track Pin Hyde" in Minden, He came through the Depot at Exeter in 1967 on demob, the last I heard of him rch 2004

It was nice to see the colours again, A Brame told me about the site you are doing a good job.  Ex 24153913 Arthur Daily. 14 March 2004

Have a look at my photos on the "Then and Now" page, if you recognize yourself get in touch.  I am still trying to contact my old mates.  Melvyn Powell Recce/MT Platoon 1962 - 1968  14 March 2004


Has anyone from D Coy 1986 still got a copy of OP Bullet photo knocking about?  Most grateful if you could email or phone 01782 855 425 many thanks Spud41. 07 January 2004


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