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To All ex-members of The Signal Platoon.

From Leon (Fred) Zawadzki.

I have been living in Malta for the past eleven years and it is quite surprising the number of ex 1DERR members who either live or holiday here. I also keep in contact with some old mates through the internet or the farmers boys site. Therefore itís not really surprising when one of my old mates, i.e. Alan Hobbs whom I had not seen or spoken to in over 25 years, suggested that we try to get a get-together of all former signal platoon members out here in Malta. In 2007.   
Many names are now distant memories, but what good times we had those many years ago. We can all tell stories and thrill audiences with our many exploits. It would be great to get together again over a few pints and reminist on the roller coaster of life.
The following is a list of names that I remember, names may be slightly mixed up and in no particular order of signal platoon members from the early days: - Ginger Talbot, Ron Dacoombe (Iím sure you would like to sing again in Malta ) Ben Turner, Barry Aldridge,
Dutch Holland, Ben Bennett, Mick Lamb, Norman Haynes, Chris Dandridge, Tony Chaffey, Eric Millard, Mouse OíMara, Pete Musselden, Csgt Bill Payne, Roy Webb,
Eric Gunning, Vivian Gunning, Robin Hayden, Alan Hobbs, Dave Leadbetter, Capt.WA Mackereth, Capt. IG Spence, Capt. TMA Dally, Collin (Flower) Fielding, Viv Nutting, Jock Patterson, Scotty Scott, Jock Bream, Simon Dyer, Mick Kerr, Pete Mullings, Twiggy England, Mick Dowding, Pat Cuss and our gentle giant Pete Tew.

Many apologies if your name is not mention, and I also acknowledge my friends that have passed into the outer limits of the ozone layer, probably all gathered together, and trying to establish communication.
Our mates may have only served a short time in the Signal Platoon, or the army, but one thing nobody can denigh, we all had something in common and that something can never be broken. We will always be mates to the end.
If you are interested in taking a holiday in Malta and meeting old mates, e mail me.
If you know any of the above named or others not mentioned, please pass this letter on and e mail me.

This letter applies to all who served in 1DERR, all are welcome.
Leon (Fred)Z

2 December 2006

I wonder if anyone can help me?
I have been trying to get hold of 'robert Fester Fullam' who I lost touch with when we finished training and moved on.
I know he put an e-mail addy lionk on here, but whenever I have tried it keeps 'bumping ' me!
If anyone knows where he is and if he can get this message, he can call me on 01633 810373 or works number 01633 222944 and leave his number so I can call.
Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Coughlin (ex- RRW) 

02 December 2006

Steven Isaac here 
Formally of B coy hong kong and then recce plt I left in 92/93
Just came across this site and looking to make contact with any of the guys from back in the day like bacon, stumpy, mac, vinny, ovie, stimmy

02 December 2006

I would like to contact an old mate of my John(Errol)Flynn.
I have been in contact with him via emails and phone.
I believe he may be in a spot of bother with referance to an email he has sent me 19/06/06.   I would like to help but looks like he has gone onto the streets(turned computer on to late to help him and can't contact him now).   Anyone with some information about him would be great, bad lad but good lad and just want to let him know he has a place to kip and I can get him a job also.  He served with me in 1 Derr before amalg and he left for 1 wfr and me to 1 rgbw.   Believe his most recent whereabouts were Nottingham.   Any info would be in confidence to.
Wayne Hall(H or Colonel)
01179 029 156

02 July 2006

Dear Web Master
I am a retired WO2 late The Royal Sussex Regt. (3 Queens now PWRR) I served alongside your Regimental in Malta and what a shower you were. However I had many friends from your battalion and you were without a doubt a fine regiment.
What I am impressed with, is your web site. It is first class..... We have our own and hopefully those who run ours will look at yours and see just how to run and organise such a site. As web master you must be very proud of what you have achieved and | congratulate you on it. My home town is Chichester and I have always consider myself to be a farmers boy as my father was a farmer in West Sussex.Ö Best wishes to all of the DERR.

Tony Talman (Ex Royal Sussex WO 2 Rtd)
Roussillon Farm
1 Grand Route
62270 Ligny sur Canche
Tel: 03 21 03 45 20

PS. I have a very large farm with a two bed en-suite accommodation. If any member of the DERR want to come and stay as I live in the area of all the WW1 battle sites then do say. All it will cost you is a dinner out for Gillian and I.

10 June 2006

Thank you Webmaster. Through your excellent site I have reunited two National Servicemen who were pals in 1960-1962, Norman (Nobby) Cole (my brother) and Arthur (Geordie) Clark.Many, many thanks. Sheila Casson

10 June 2006

Has anyone recently seen or heard of Lance Corporal Tuck who was my driver in Osnabruck when I was CO. 

I wonder if Pete Mallinson can remember when, together with his fellow conspirator, he kindly sent me a postcard during his R&R in America. He will recall sending the card to me, as CO, saying "having a lovely time the beer is lousy, but it doesn't really matter provided you drink a lot of it". The photograph on the front of the postcard was Alacatraz prison together with the message "wish you were here".

7 May 2006

Trying to contact Richard 'Rocker' Atkins.
Email address on the site is wrong. Rich
please can you contact me asap.


7 May 2006

Many thanks to all of you farmers' boys who sent me messages re. the elusive cap badge! Thanks to you all and to those who run this terrific website, along with the magic of this Internet gadget, I was able to locate the cap badge on Ebay. It was sent from Yorkshire and arrived safely here in Oz, and as an added bonus, I've been contacted by a couple of mates from MT Platoon from back in those lazy hazy days in Malta... Well that's when we were off-duty anyway! Gawwwwwd I can still taste that cheap Maltese wine.
Screech, was what we called it? Sounds right to me! 

7 May 2006

Can anyone point me in the write direction to try and get hold of Neill Pavitt (Pav). We joined up together at Taunton, Somerset, along with Darren Morse back in 1981. Joined The Farmers Boys in Jan 1983. I think Pav was in D Coy for a while. Last heard working in WO's & Sgt's Mess 1 RGBW. Also does anyone remember Chris Rickard from B Coy who lost an eye in a very unfortunate accident in Canada. Grateful if anyone could help contact some old friends. Finally, any old Signals Platoon from Aldergrove through to Hong Kong, like to hear from you. Always in the shit, just the depth that varies!! 

15 April 2006

Does any one remember Darren (Vinnie) Vincent and Mark (Ginge) Gardner and where they are now?

27 March 2006

In response to Colin Snee request I am sure Mac McCarthy is in the PT Corp, location unknown I last saw him in Feb last year during the Army Cross Country Championships. Sorry I can't help further.. I will ask work in the Gym.

27 March 2006

Sorry for intruding.
Ex REME mate 1980 to 1985. Came across your website searching for Colchester nick (dont ask butI was never
there!) but was at Colchester Garrison at 7th Field force for a month or so between passing out at Arborfield (Berkshire) and starting trade training at Bordon (Hampshire).
Anyway, just to say, what a superb website. As REME is so wide spread we dont get such a close community as your guys.
Keep up the good work. Best friends are hard to find!!!! In the forces all your friends are best friends and these friendships last longer than 99% of civvy friendships. You guys have got it together. Long may you keep it together.
Veeerrrryy impressed.

27 March 2006

"It was 20 years ago today....."!
It was by accident that i came across the FarmersBoys website and glad that i did. Searching for the likes of Ginge Andrews, Taff Westercott, Tommo, Navaro, Rix, Pearson and Rumble have proved difficult over the years from Australia.
Searching for those who served in 'D' company particularly 12 platoon during '83 - '87 (just pre Hong Kong). I have seen the likes of Ginge, Tad and Glen Noonan about the website and will email those i can find!
Please, send an email.
Kevin Barnes 

27 March 2006

Nic Hickman and George Dominic are trying to set up a Regimental Association Branch for the Lichfield and Tamworth area.  If you live in these areas and are interesting in getting together with some other old soldiers get in touch with Nik Hickman. Tel 01827 64528 or 07944 373330 4 March 2006

I have been contacted by an ex duke called Mick Smith who is trying to find a ex mate called Mac McCarthy of D Coy 1973-1976. Can you put a message on the board and see what answers you get. Also I have had a call from Fred Perry (ex A Coy) Osnabruck days. 25 February 2006

"At last the time has come for me hand in my webbing and, in the process of sorting out and de-cluttering i have hundreds of photos...mostly sporting, particularly tug of war and boxing...I would be glad to pass them on to anyone interested....Mad Dog" 25 February 2006

I'm hoping somebody can help me here. Back in the 60's, I served with the 1DERR, and our cap badge was a griffin-like creature mounted on a red triangle.
I've been trying to buy that cap badge, but Ebay and the Duke Of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment web site shop both show the cap badge as what I know as a collar badge. So, help! Nobody seems to know what I'm talking about!
From: ex 23848062 Lance Corporal Dave Baron, Transport Platoon, HQ Coy. 
25 February 2006

Pete Goddard here has anyone got Freddy Freath's Mobile Number

25 February 2006


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