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Sam Baker (25) here!
Hello to everyone who was in 4 Plt, B Coy, 1990-92
Anti tanks c coy 1992-1997
get in contact (eek) for a beer!
09 November 2002

Sam Baker

.Hi all, I am looking for Ex Cpl Tim "RADAR" Strong. He used to work in the Med Centre in Shoeburyness & Osnabruck. Any one know of any contact details for him, could they e-mail them to me. Thanks & best wishes to all who remember me.  09 November 2002

Gerry Decarteret

Hi I am trying to locate a Ray and Wendy Fisher. last heard of in 
Shoeburyness in 1975.From Pat Kingsley.
06 November 2002

Pat Kingsley

My name is Jim Brady and I am in 1RGBW, used to be in 1DERR. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me..
Served from 1990 till now........ 
18 October 2002

Jim Brady

Looking for anyone who knows me Mark (Jimbo) Davidson from 9 platoon c-sp coy from 1984-1989.
Also did one year 12 platoon d coy 1derr. Specially would like to hear from Mark Tomlinson (mortar platoon), Pearson (12 platoon), Moody and Taff Davies (drums) or anyone else who remembers me. E-Mail to my address or phone 01344 457948 or 07901 616177.
Take care all farmers boys. Jimbo.
18 October 2002

Mark Davidson

My name is Mark Bishop or "Bish" as everyone knew me I got out in 95 and now live in Florida. Served in A Company in Hong Kong and mostly A Coy in Catterick. Has anyone heard from Vic Thompson, Paul Ringrose, Darren Christian, Dave Belcher, "Rhino" Cleary. Or anyone that was in 1 Platoon, A Companywhen we became 1 RGBW. What ever happened to Sgt Stevens? If anyone has any news please let me know. Thanks miss all the old mates hope eveyone is doing great wish I was still around.  16 October 2002

Mark Bishop

Trying to locate Chris O'Connor last heard he was in Strensall in 94 as a corporal in the stores, or anyone else who remembers me.
16 October 2002

Darren Morse

Anyone got Ginge Andrews mobile number or anyone else who remembers me Pikey. 08 September 02

Pikey Calcutt

 I served with the regiment from 1977 to 1982 first with C Coy & then A Coy .Spent lots of time with the Ski-ing & shooting teams. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. 08 September 02

Bob Clay

Hi, My name is Bernard (Biff) Smith. I was attached to The Dukes when the regiment was stationed in Berlin.  I was the S/Sgt R.E.M.E Armourer.  The main people I remember are Dave Wiggins & Roy Povey.  I had a great time with your chaps so much so I tried to transfer to the Dukes just before you went to N/Ireland in 1974.Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me.  Please contact through Bob Clay. 08 September 02

Bernard Smith

I am trying to contact anyone from 5pl. b company 1971/75. if there is anyone out there who knows me drop me an email Derek Force better known as Albert.  08 September 02

Derek Force

Good to have old friends at hand, and look forward to hearing from you. 04 August 02

Stephen Flay

Looking for anyone who remembers me from the Boxing Team in Osnabruck and Canterbury 1980-1985. Especially "Max" Maxwell,  Ezera "Ago" and Claude Gail would like to hear from them. And anyone else who remembers me! 04 August 02

Philip Carpenter

Looking for Ken Fox who was my best man, lost contact with him in 1971 also Gil Povey also left the Regt in 1970.
If any body know`s of their whereabouts can you please contact me Dave Jones on 01953 861056 or on my e-mail address.
02 July 02

David Jones

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from A coy 3 Pl 1979-1983 and MT 1983-1987  COs driver 02 July 02

Martin Reggler

I would like to hear fron anyone who remembers me from B Coy 6Pl, I used to drive APV 432 CS23 in Germany.  Tado, Tomo and Des are a few names I can remember. 01 July 02

Darren (Dillan) Williams

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from B Coy 5/6 Pl 1988/98.  Especially Nick Leeson, Andy Walker, Jason Southall, Lippy, Flogger, Vic Thompson, Kenny Beechy, Dave Belcher, Wayne Phillips, Bish, Buzz Burrell, Danny Simmons, Gaz King Gaz Wright, Etc. 05 June 02

Chris Connolly

Normandy 11 Training Platoon and 3 Platoon, A Company, 1970 (November) to 1974 (February) anyone remember me? Kev Batty, Cherry Depass, Pete Dolan, Bob Cobb, Barney Barnfield, Bobby Lundergan, Nobby Clarke, Clarkie (from Swindon) Baby Beast, Mick King, Brookie, Big Mo, Shag Hall, Steve Cole (Sgt.) Pete Shead, Jock Peat, Jeff Lloyd, George Knapp, and many others, where are you guys and how are you doing? 26 May 2002

Phil Brazier

I Would like to hear from any one from the QM's Dept who served during my service dates - 1974-1987. 28 April 2002

David Walters

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may remember me. 28 April 2002

Ron Teece-Millington

Joined 1DERR at Warminster, served in Osnabruck, Derry (Cregan with Bryan Eley, Mick Lohan, and Steve Devine - COP). Went to Canterbury got in trouble with Kiki Ball.  Left Canterbury to transfer to RADC and left the Army in 1989.  If any one remembers me please get in touch. 19 April 2002

John King

Hi any Ex Duke's in Canterbury, do you know Terry Mallendine.  I think he works for SAAB, he was in Mortars in Osnabruck & Canterbury, if so please drop in an e mail.
28 March 2002

Andy (Jock) Stewart

Hello there its Harry Harris here ex HQ Coy gym staff Hong Kong wanting to get in touch with the lads from Stanley Fort gym. 23 March 2002

Harry Harris

Hi all, has anyone a copy of a photo of the Queenslie, Glasgow bunch during the fireman's strike of 1977 when the Duke came to see us ? 23 March 2002

Mick McAllister

I would like to hear from any one who remembers me ...

23 March 2002

Jim Waterfall

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Growcock, Russell (Robbo) Roberts, want to get in touch, last in Dover. o served in the Milan Platoon during 1985 - 1990 and remembers me it would be good to hear from you.

16 March 2002

James Giffiths

If you served in Wyvern Barracks Exeter at some time, especially as a Junior Soldier, you might be interested to know that the Devon Branch (RGBW Assn) meets there in what used to be the Junior Soldiers Block, now the UOTC, each January.  If you are in the area and/or want to travel to the event in January 2003 then contact me, Arthur Christian at this email address and I will be sure to send you details of the event and information about accommodation near to it in early December.

07 March 2002

Arthur Christian

Hi to all Farmersboys, I served with 1DERR from 1968 at Wyvern Bks does anyone know where I can get a Bandsmans Helmet Plate and Spike as I have just got the blue helmet and would like to make it complete.  It's a great website well done.  If you can help please call 0208 569 2904 Thanks.

04 March 2002

Terence Boden

I am trying to contact any of the 4th Batt Royal Berkshire Regt from 1940 to 1942
 I was in c coy of the 4th Batt stationed at Tilehurst and in Northern Ireland during this time

22 February 2002

Henry Olive

I am trying to contact some Ex B Company lads, "Spike" Prosser, "Taff" Bray, "Tommo" Thomas and "Smudge" Smith if anyone can help me find out where they are Please let me know.

22 February 2002

Joe South

Hi to all the farmers boys. well done boris excellent job.
wishing to speak to anyone who remembers me from the battalion.
served from 85-90, B coy and Spt Coy,
having a ball down under in Australia

22 February 2002

James (Clenchy) Clench

Anyone out there from Plumer Bks, Plymouth 1956-58 or Topsham Bks, Exeter 1958 or Brock Bks, Reading, 1958 or Albany Bkcs Isle of Wight 1959 or Jellabad Bks, Tidworth 1959-60?  All the best to all you real soldiers.

22 February 2002

Adrian (Frankie) Vaughan

Should any one know Snowy Cox's telephone number or address please let me know.

17 February 2002

John Hole

I'm not a Farmers boy, I am a former Gloster, but have served with a number of you and your comrades. Having browsed your site I was interested to know the whereabouts of old friends who served at either of the Regimental Depots in the 70's who might remember me.  I can be contacted at .

08 February 2002

Terry Harrington

Looking for anyone who served with Dukes in Malta 1962/64 with B Company.

03 February 2002

William Squib

I am trying to locate Dave Hodder (DI} . He was in C Coy in Catterick and Berlin, 1969-1971

26 January 2002

Pat Kingsley

Every one who served in Warminster and Osnabruck should remember Jeff please drop him a mail, to stop him submitting his details to the site very day thanks, Boris.

26 January 2002

Jeff Bush

I am doing a bit of a write up connected to my under construction army page about 'The Hump' in Strabane, has anyone any pictures of the Hump please, Cheers Smujjer  Visit my site at

25 January 2002

Mick (Smujjer) Smith

Hi hope you all well wonder if you could put something on notice board for me ?.
 most of the boys i did my training with were rebadged 1DERR & never went back to their parent reg. i know some are still serving with RGBW & many left along time ago with no trace. so could you please as if anyone knows the whereabouts of these lads now as we came to the dukes when needed & was made to feel so wecome we stayed a while & had a great time. many thanks boris, team, have a great new year & hope to see you all at a reunion this year.

14 January 2002

Pete Dougan

I am looking for the where abouts of steven marsh(boggy) was in d coy , left the army in '93'. any one who knows of his where abouts please contact me.

08 January 02

Andy Leach


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