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I have now taken over as Chairman of the Swindon Branch of the Regimental Association, and we are looking for new members within the Swindon area to join us for a few beers at our Monthly meetings, which are held on the second Wednesday of each Month (next meeting 14 Sept 05). We all gather at the Royal Navy club which is situated just off the town centre, next door to the old Destiny and Desire night club. For  those of you who used to attend and have fallen by the wayside, we have now changed the format of meeting so that more time is spent at the bar socializing, with the dress being casual. So why not come and give it a try and meet up with some of your old mates, you never know you may enjoy it.

21 August 2005

I'm looking for people that knew me from 1988--1990 I was D coy 11plt me name Jon the Nut Hutter and I'm trying to trace Justin Lee (Pondlife) and Maj Davies the old Adjt if anyone knows well your doing a good job keep it up and you wer'n't to bad as a Plt Sgt Boris lol good luck to you all the Nut 30 May 2005

Regimental Association; Baghdad Branch, 1DERR & RGBW.

The next meeting of the Regimental Association, Baghdad Branch, 1DERR &  
RGBW, will take place in Baghdad on Thus the 12th May at the Crossed Swords  
Palace, "Country Club", located at the far end off the Parade Ground.

The meeting will commence at 2000hrs.

All Ex, 1DERR and RGBW members currently working the Country are encouraged  
to attend.
9 May 2005


To all Past and Serving members (Farmersboys),
I, propose to form a "North and West Wiltshire" Branch of the Regimental Association, this will fill the black hole that currently exists in the Bradford on Avon , Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Devizes and Chippenham area, this I feel makes sense as it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise sufficient members plus committee etc to enable towns to have their own branch.  I fully appreciate that our elder members meet under the guise of the Wiltshire and Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiments but I do not believe that this is a full representation of our available potential membership, obviously for a branch to exist/form it needs:
a.  Active Membership
b.  A Committee - to serve the membership
c.  A venue to -
     (1) Meet as and when required
     (2) To socialize as decided by the members
To that end anyone interested to become:
     (1) Members (of branch) you are already part of the Regimental family
     (2) A member of the committee in whatever capacity
     (3) Offer constructive ideas
     (4) Know of any suitable venue in the area capable of hosting a fairly large social event (without breaking the bank)
Then please telephone me 01225 862 189 or drop me an email.
In conclusion to borrow Delia's call "Come on let's be 'avin you, Where are you?"
Best regards,
Bill Sherman
19 April 2005
































I wonder if there is anyone out there could help me, I served with 1st DERR Corp of Drums, from 73 to 77.Trying to contact all old buddies, who was with me at that time.  As time is short for me now it would be nice to see old face again.
Martin Day
10 April 2005

I wonder if you can be of help to me. I served for nearly three years with the Ist Bn The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regt. I was transferred from the Royal Regt of Wales and then went back to them after my tour. 

While at Catterick prior to going to Berlin we did a Guard of Honour for the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor. CSM Tommy Leader comprised part of the Colour party with me and another. Just before the parade, perhaps two days; Tommy lost his Cyprus medal. I loaned him my brother's medal to do the parade. My brother has recently died and his son has asked me for the medal. The medal is a GSM Malaya medal in the name of 22812169 Pte Davies South Wales Borderers.

I wonder if you could please ask Tommy if he would kindly return the medal to me, I have no way of finding Tommy but Knowing his character I am sure he would be a member of the Regimental Association.

I hope you can help.

Best wishes,

Haydn Davies Telephone 01749 677484 

I was a Colour Sergeant at Catterick and eventually commissioned in my own unit. 
13 March 2005


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