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What's New Launch to 2001 Archive

21 December 01
On our First Anniversary with 8002 visits the History site is launched
Click Here to View
16 December 01 Added some more items for Guys who died listed in The Book of Remembrance
08 December 01 Added News about Hong Kong Medals
27 November 01 Added News item about Regt Assoc in Canada and Then & Now for Steve Wilden
28 October 01 Added for new messages to message board old Dukes looking for their mates.
22 October 01 Added pictures from Salisbury 2001
22 October 01 Added then and now page for Ray Povey
22 October 01 Added then and now page for Stuart Corns
15 October 01 New Then & Now page for Norman Mathews.
10 September 01 More News items added RGBW Rugby !!!
12 August 01 Added Roll of Honour from Cold War Warriors.
12 August 01 Added link to Book of Remembrance for Capt Terry Freelove.
21 July 01 Added new link for "RESOURCE" Telephone discounts with 8% of bill given to The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment.
21 July 01 The following pages were removed from the site "RGBW" the Battalion will organize it's own site at  "The Dragon Vly" as it was not really used and "Barrack Room Chat" as a significant number of guys did not use this facility, however if you would like this page re-instated please mail us.
02 July 01 Added then and now pics for Fritz.  Added Hungerford 2001 picture.
07 June 01 Added NEW PAGE Barrack Room Chat as a trial run.
21 May 01 Changed mail links for Webmaster to point to Boris's Lineone mail account until DNS and MX records are set for functional email from our web server.
04 May 01 Site now set up to come from Farmersboys own server.
03 March 01 Added some pictures to Salisbury shop page - however due to the number of pictures and file sizes I will have to change the shops into a series of pages due to download times over a 56k modem.
23 February 01 Added news for new Association Chairmen.
23 February 01 Updated all Regimental Association details as per Newsletter.
23 February 01 Added links to print out proformas for events on Reunions page
23 February 01 Added links all events to Reunions page.
18 February 01 Added Regimental shopping pages for Gloucester and Salisbury Museums all prices awaiting pictures of all items.
27 January 01 Added more then and now pictures sent in from the lads.
27January 01 Added RGBW page and Dragon Vly page.
13 January 01 Added the Business Register link through Employment page.
11 January 01 Amended details for Devon Branch of the Association.
Added Devon Branch Reunion and AGM.
11 January 01 Added page for changing details access to this page is through "Submit Details".
07 January 01 Added New page Email addresses access this through contacts.
05 January 01    Published page of information on the Roll of Honour for Private Brian Allen.
02 January 01  Added Acknowledgements and notes to Message Board.
21 December 00  Site Published.

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