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What's New Archive 2007

30 December 2007 Last update for 2007
Email list now up to 861 from details submitted:
Duncan McFarlane, Ken Holder, Richard Keegan and Kevin Witt Click here
Updated email address:
Michael Murray, Dave Gibbs and Dougie Cook  Click here.
New Message from Bob Merritt, Keith Hedges and Ike Newton Click here.
News from David Hallam regarding NI Book Click here.
Then and Now photos for Andy Prior Click here.
9 December 2007
Updated Websites and images on our links page Click here.
Added new story for Veterans Lapel Badge.  Have you got yours Click here.
Turned on festive snow on home page.
Email list now up to 858 from details submitted.
Andy Wheeler Click here.
8 December 2007
Email list now up to 857 from details submitted:
John Morris, Alan Hobbs, Alex Cooper, Paul Holmes, David Rees, Barry Hartley, David Humphreys, Michael Walters, John Gunning, Mark Hutchinson and Dennis Barnes Click here
Updated email address:
Mick Stokes, Peter Stacey, Neil Keenan, George Rook, Cain Howley, Wayne Marshall, Bob Wareing-Jones, Steve Littlejohn, Lee Dalton, Ron Cole and Brian Matzen  Click here.
New Message from Lee Goddard, Robin Harris, Peter Broomfield Click here.
6 December 2007
Swindon Branch Ferozeshah Function Click here.
Template available to book next years Hermitage Function 18th April 2008 Click here.
Updates on contacts to follow this weekend.
24 October 2007 Firstly apologies in not updating website for over a month. 
Email list now up to 845 from details submitted:
Dennis Cole, Ricky Weaver and Julia Barnett Click here
Updated email address:
Sam Spurway, Andy Crocker, Tim Gainford and Colin Latham  Click here.
Updated link to RGBW Regimental Association Website created by Phil Miller select contacts on the top menu bar then click on Regimental Association.
Some pictures from this years Past and present Dinner Click here.
09 September 2007
Email list now up to 842 from details submitted:
Andrew Carr, Mario (Tony) Caves, Ryszard Kukla, Andy Prior, Gary Traill, Andrew Nash and Mark MorgansHurley Click here
Updated email address:
Andrew (Prof) Court and Gary Caldwell  Click here.
27 August 2007
Email list now up to 835 from details submitted:
Alex Kirkland Click here
Updated email address:
Steve Todd, David Trickey, John Davey and Dave Lippitt Click here.
12 August 2007
Email list now up to 834 from details submitted:
Roland Joy and Geoffrey Bean Click here
Updated email address:
Ian Booth, Jim Brady, Paul Stanford, John Hole and Albert Saunders Click here.
Message from Roland Joy Click here.
Petition to Allow the development of a Families Support Centre at Grays Lane Near Hedley Court click here for more information.
29 July 2007
Email list now up to 831 from details submitted:
Steven Minns, Geoff Keen, Tony Bridges, Roger Stevenson, Chris Jones, Steve Todd, Keith Ballinger and John Stockley  Click here
Template ready for Sgt's Dinner Club Arborfeild October 6th 2007 Click here.
02 July 2007
Email list now up to 823 from details submitted:
Raymond Necchi, Stuart Sutton, Charlie Choules, Peter Haskill, Andy Henwood, Steve Coulson, Derek Sprenger, Ray Jones and James (Streaky) Mason  Click here
Updated email address:
Tony Federick, Dave Reason, Leeroy Sellens Click here.
Dukes Ladies Dinner Night September - Hermitage Click here
10 June 2007
Added pictures from Hungerford 2007 Click here.
News Story Hungerford Wardens Click here.
Email list now up to 814 from details submitted:
Richard (Dickie) Vincent, David Hawkins and Gareth Minchin  Click here
Updated email address:
Stephen Saunders Click here.
8 June 2007
Email list now up to 811 from details submitted:
Michael Weyman and Jason Hicks  Click here
Updated email address:
Steve Evans, Pet Cuss and Colin (Fred) Perry Click here.
Heart of England Branch taking part in RBL 85th Anniversary Parade Click here.
Dukes in Wiltshire arrange another function for September Click here
Unfortunately I we must report the sad death of Ex RSM Bill Williams Click here.
13 May 2007
Email list now up to 808 from details submitted:
Cain Howley, Darren Waite, Carl Newton, Kevin Parsons and Christopher Stroud Click here
Updated email address:
Don Bristow Click here.
News Event Patriots of the Wardrobe Click here.
Farmersboys has new Sponsor for the year 2007 to 2008 Toby North has kindly agreed to sponsor the site this year.  Click here.
22 April 2007
Email list now up to 803 from details submitted:
Steve Stone, Jeff Gollop and Ian Hunter Click here
Updated email address: Daniel "H" Harper, Francis Lovegrove, Gerry Decarteret, Ivor Hayward and Steve Byrne Click here
News Heart of England Branch Click here.
Any one in the Haverford West area ????  Click here.
13 March 2007 UPDATE - Farmersboys email accounts - all those who have Farmersboys email accounts will find they are required to pay their subscription, please click here to subscribe and pay your 5.00 per year.  UNPAID ACCOUNTS - All unpaid accounts on Tuesday 27th March 2007 will be removed.
12 March 2007
Email list now up to 800 from details submitted:
John Rose and Dean little Click here
Updated email address:
Alex Johnson Click here
4 March 2007
Email list now up to 798 from details submitted:
Gerald Noden, David Cutforth and Keith Hedges Click here
Updated email address:
Howard Oldland, John Madin and Dave Davies Click here
18 February 2007 We could really use help and support from all our Farmersboys who are able, and to that end the Webmaster has created a "Support US" page click here . On this page you can make a donation of any amount anonymously, also you can subscribe to supporting the site by paying a sum of 5.00 either a month, a quarter, six monthly or annually. All payments can be made securely through PayPal and no PayPal account is required to do this.  Payment can be made with all major credit cards.
The Team update - visit the Team page click here.
New Sponsor for this year GoldwingsUnThings click here.
17 February 2007
Email list now up to 795 from details submitted:
Jeremy Reed, Shayne Obrien, Robert Bishop, Fern Frederick, Larry Cooper, Anthony Winters, Derek Woollaston and John Taylor. Click here
Updated email address:
David Williams, Gary Kimber, Mick Devonshire and Ted Willett Click here
10 February 2007 Return available for Hungerford which is on the 9th June this year.  Click here.
Email list now up to 788 from details submitted:
Rob Bell, Norman Rhodes, John York, Ian McDermid, Franklin Stanley and Peter Joyce. Click here
Updated email address:
Allan McIntyre, Lee Chappell, Richard Crouch and Peter Smith Click here
13 January 2007
Email list now up to 782 from details submitted:
Michael Murray, Leslie Keel, Mike Frank, Delroy Tucker, Dennis McPherson and Charlie Haynes. Click here
Updated email address:
Norman Hiscock, Dennis Bradford, Nick Carey, Jim Fletcher, Tim Gainford, Stephen Flay, Richard Leivers, Dixie Dean and Martin Hayter . Click here.
Updated Reunions page including Heart of England Branch function in March 2007 and Dukes in Wiltshire in April 2007.  Click here.

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