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Farmers Boys - Paul (Boris) Alden 1976 - 1999


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Paul (Boris) Alden served from 1976 - 1999

The Webmaster Paul Barry Alden aka "Boris"

A pictorial view of Boris's life - this page will take 115 seconds over 56.6 Modem

Boris was born on 2nd October 1959 in Vauxhall, Lambeth, London.  After living in several places around the south of England Boris eventually ended up in Newbury in 1975, going to Park House School for Boys.  While at school Boris joined the Army Cadet Force in Newbury and was a cadet in The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment.  At school Boris took his exams and gained the Form 5A prize for coming top in his year.  However, at this stage Boris had already made his mind up to join the Army.  He walked through the gates of Sir John Moore Barracks Shornecliffe on 26 July 1976 at the age of 17.

After training for one year with eleven other Duke of Edinburgh's only one passed out, Boris.  He joined the First Battalion on the 11th September 1977 at the age of 17 years and 11 months.  At this stage in his life Boris did not drink.  In 1978 the Battalion moved to Osnabruck, Germany and in 1979 Boris attended his NCO's Cadre which he passed and was then promoted.  As a very young 19 year old Lance Corporal he found himself Brick Commander in Londonderry.  In 1980 Boris was busted to Private and did not get his rank back until 1983 when he joined Recce Platoon.  Shortly after being promoted again Boris attended Junior Brecon and was promoted to Full Corporal in 1985 and went to Shornecliffe, where he had trained to instruct, in 1986.  After two years teaching Boris flew to join the Battalion in Hong Kong.  Shortly after joining the Battalion he was promoted to Acting Sergeant.  Unfortunately after a few months Boris was busted and was not promoted to Acting Sergeant again until 1991.  Boris got Substantive Sergeant in April 1992 and remained a Sergeant until he left the Army on 1st October 1999.

Boris' career now involves computers rather than guns.  He started work at an Internet Center in London as an Enterprise Operations Analyst in April 2000.

Boris aged 9 months testing out new military assault craft 1960

Boris aged 2 3/4 talking to parliament about new defence reviews 1961

Boris' passing out Parade IJLB Shorncliffe August 1977

JLDR 17PL Penninsula Coy

Boris a young 17 year old soldier at Battlesbury Barracks, Warminster 1977

Pte A Coy 1 DERR

Boris makes like a clump of grass Salisbury Training Area 1978

Pte A Coy 1 DERR

Wow check out those starched denims.  Boris gets promoted 1979

LCpl A Coy 1 DERR

Boris talks to children in the Bogs Side Londonderry 1979



LCpl A Coy 1 DERR

Boris after a Ferozeshah Parade in Osnabruck 1980Boris is now a Private again, something to do with beer

Pte B Coy 1 DERR

Boris plays hockey in Germany 1980Boris is still remembered by many for wearing the forbidden Union Jack shorts

Pte B Coy 1 DERR

Boris and his 432 6PL B Coy Command Vehicle.  Somewhere in the woods Germany 1981


Pte B Coy 1 DERR

Boris promoted to Lance-Corporal again in 1983 and joins Recce Platoon in Canterbury


LCpl Sp Coy 1 DERR

Boris Corporal Instructor JIB Shorncliffe

Cpl Penninsula Coy 1986-1988 

Boris with his Platoon somewhere in the Malaysian Jungles 1988

Sgt B Coy 1 DERR

Boris in Hong Kong 1988 busted again clutching the dreaded beer

Cpl D Coy 1 DERR

Boris digs in somewhere in Hong Kong 1988

Cpl D Coy 1 DERR

Boris and .50 Browning somewhere in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1990

Cpl B Coy 1 DERR

Boris somewhere on Yakama Firing Ranges USA 1991

Sgt 3 PL A Coy 1 DERR 

Boris Colour Party Catterick 1992

Sgt 3 PL A Coy 1 DERR

Boris A Coy Party Country & Western Catterick 1992

Sgt 3 PL A Coy 1 DERR

Christmas 1992 Sergeants' Mess

Sgt 3 PL A Coy 1 DERR

Another great Sergeants' Mess party sometime in 1992

Sgt 3 PL A Coy 1 DERR

Boris meets Kate September 1994


Sgt Alma PL ITB Strensall

While working at ITC Catterick Boris goes on exercise to Cyprus.  Rough.  1995


Sgt 3PL F Coy ITC

Boris gets ambushed by beer monster somewhere on Limassol Strip 1995

Sgt 3PL F Coy ITC

Boris gets married Newbury 5th August 1995. John Kordowski (Ski) is Best Man

Sgt 3PL F Coy ITC

Boris and Kate Alden Wedding Day Newbury 5th August 1995

Sgt 3PL F Coy ITC

Boris Cyprus 1996 - The old rogue takes post of Provost

Sgt Provost HQ Coy 1 RGBW

House warming at Boris' September 1998 - Why does Hoppy always want to play spoof

Sgt QM's PL HQ Coy 1 RGBW

Boris returns to the Mess for his  dining out 20th November 1999

Mr between jobs

Son of Boris (William) is born    9th May 2000

Mr Operations Analyst Computacenter 




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