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The Historian

"Mac" McIntyre

Police Officer

In 1965 'Mac' was destined to join the Royal Hampshire Regiment, but was barred by reason of age from joining the 1st Bn who at that time were on Active Service in Borneo. As a result I was transferred, without consultation, to the DERR. At that time the DERR were on leave having just completed three years in Malta  after which they were destined to spend the next three years in Minden, West Germany as Mechanized Infantry.
'Mac' was in the first intake to join the Battalion in Minden, where after continuation training he joined 'C' Company. It would be a total understatement to say, but young 'Mac' experienced what can only be described as a culture shock when he joined this bronzed, tattooed, beer drinking fighting bunch of professional Infantry Soldiers. 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em  realized our young hero, who then embarked on three very happy years, learning the art of being a Mechanized Infantry Soldier. Exercises in Libya, France, Belgium and Norway followed, all of which involved digging up half the world. The first lesson of being a Mechanized Infantry Soldier is 'It's not Mechanized' most of your time is spent marching, digging and running.
A posting to Catterick followed where 'C' Company had the honour of being amongst the first troops to be deployed on the streets of Londonderry in August 1969 in support of 2nd Queens Regiment, and look what a mess we made of it, it's still going on.
On our return 'Mac' headed to British Honduras (Belize) where he spent 9 months avoiding snakes, with a short trip to Panama thrown in. 'Mac' gave the American instructors loads of advice and as a consequence I think they lost the war in Vietnam. A further short trip to Ulster followed during which our hero had a clash with the authorities and was without further ado transferred to 'B' Coy
Berlin beckoned next by which time our hero was a 'Married Pad'. This was a good posting with most of our time being spent in West Germany, Norway and France on Exercise. 18 months into this posting 'Mac' decided to throw in the towel and try pastures new.
On leaving the 'Mob' Mac joined the Thames Valley Police and got posted to Reading. He has remained in the Force since that time, with his postings being almost equally divided between C.I.D. and the Force Support Group, which incorporates the Force Firearms Team. Much to the horror of the Chief Constable, our hero has managed to claw his way through the ranks, where he is at present a Detective Inspector in command of the West Berkshire C.I.D. based at Newbury, where he hopes to remain until the end, which beckons in the near future. During his time in the force he also spent 5 years with 'E' (H.S.F.) Company, 2nd Wessex Regiment up until disbandment. (Was it something I said?)
'Mac' is a total Regimental Historical Anorak and has always had a interest in the Regiment's past, this was never revealed whilst serving through fear of being roasted alive. He has co-authored four books on the Royal Berkshire Regiment in the First World War, with more in the pipe line.
A lot of you will not know me, be you will no doubt have encountered one of my four brothers who also served in the Regiment, from 1965 onwards there was always one or more of us in the Battalion at any one time. If you don't believe me check the Guardroom prisoner sheet. 

Martin LCpl

LCpl McIntyre in Minden 1968.

Martin Cpl

Cpl McIntyre in Londonderry 1971.

Martin Police Inspector

Inspector McIntyre Thames Valley Police.



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