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Private G Evans


A photo of ''Geordie'' EVANS.  A good mate of mine back in MALTA 1964.  Supplied by ''CANDLE'' PRIOR"


Pte G EVANS was killed whilst in a base camp (Bomba Airfield) in North Africa.  He had found an old cannon shell from a British Spitfire.  He was inside a tent and had placed the shell on an army six foot folding table; he then started to open it.  Another soldier in the tent at the time made his excuses and left, which was just as well as shortly afterwards the shell exploded badly injuring Pte EVANS.  A light plane was called and he was flown out of the area but unfortunately died on the way to hospital. The regiment collected to have the body embalmed and flown back to Malta, but because of his wounds it was not possible to have his body embalmed or flown back to Malta.  He was buried in Benghazi by troops of the Green Howards.

We are grateful to ‘Dixie’ DEAN who was Provo Sgt at the time for the above information




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