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Captain N J N Sutton

   Capt NJN Sutton  Capt NJN Sutton Grave - Click to enlarge

He was commissioned into the Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment on the 2nd August 1963, joining the 1st Battalion in Malta. On arrival he took over the command of 7 Platoon ‘C’ Company from Lt NEWTON. When the Company went to Cyprus in 1964 he attended Weapons courses in Hythe and Warminster with C/Sgt PETERS standing in for him. He returned to the Company in Malta taking command of 9 Platoon. In November 1965 he was posted to the Wessex Brigade Depot at Exeter returning to the Battalion in Minden in 1968, he remained there until 1969 when he was posted to the Wessex Volunteers as the Adjutant in the rank of Captain.. He returned to the 1st Battalion in October 1970 going with the Battalion to Berlin, there he became the second in command of ‘B’ Company.

He then went with the Battalion to Northern Ireland and it was there in the sunken lane that led from the main Newry to Belfast road to Ballykinler Camp, tragedy struck, ‘B’ Company was returning to Ballykinler in its Saracen armoured personnel carriers after a month away on security duties in Portadown. He was commanding one of these vehicles from the commander’s turret. Suddenly the vehicle went out of control and rolled sideways. Capt SUTTON was crushed in the accident and sustained severe injuries from which he died that day.

 He was buried with full Military Honours at Tidworth Military Cemetery; the bearer party were formed by the first Battalion DERR and the firing party by the Wessex Depot.




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